Matthew Tang & Betty Seto
September 4, 2010

People usually ask, how did an engineer and management graduate get together? Management and engineering are not supposed to get along......... for some odd reason. :P

Matt and I met through a mutual friend at a party during the flames 2004 Stanley Cup run. <Go Flames Go!> We started chatting on the phone, and hit it off from there.

We are different people, but as people say, opposites attract. A few examples are: Matt loves to drive, and I hate it; Matt is a night owl, and I am a morning person; Matt is tidy, and I am messy; Matt likes meat, and I like veggies. Despite all our differences, we enjoy each other’s perspective and have lots of fun together.

Plus we get the best of both worlds, especially when we’re sharing meals.

Matt proposed in the spring of 2009 in Banff. Although the proposal did not turn out as planned, it was romantic and thoughtful. Matt wanted to propose at the top of Sulphur Mountain, but the trail was closed because it was too icy. We then proceeded to Lake Minnewanka where Matt proposed by the waterside, while we sat at the rocks that stretches out into the lake. We finished off the memorable day with a Cow’s icecream. :)